You’re not just any travel brand.

Yes, of course you care about being profitable and attracting the right customers. But you don’t call it success unless you’re helping people and the planet, too. As a business that’s passionate about social and environmental good, your mission is at the heart of what you do.

Your story of sustainability deserves to be shared.

You already know that in today’s world, that means engaging your customers with a strong digital presence. But with so many travel companies vying for their attention, how can you stand out in a noisy online world?

You're busy changing the travel industry for the better...Who has time to create a cohesive online marketing strategy?

So you try what all the experts are saying, hoping that your five blog posts a year, sporadic newsletters, or random social media posts are having an impact. You’re not even sure how to see if what you’re doing is making a difference.

I feel your overwhelm.

I understand that running a business comes with competing demands for your time, and trying to keep up with the latest trends in online marketing can be exhausting.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find someone who understands the travel industry, sustainability, and online marketing, and who can help you get those pesky (but important) tasks off your plate?

I'm Naomi Liz, and I'm a digital storyteller and online marketer for the sustainable tourism industry.

I help travel brands tell their stories online through content writing, website copy, storytelling photography, Wordpress setup, and social media so that they can expand their positive impact.

I’ve been blogging on my own websites for more than five years, where I’ve managed everything from the tech to the content to the promotion. My ambivert brain loves to geek out on Wordpress and spreadsheets while simultaneously scratching my creative itch through travel writing and photography. Last year I launched Roaming the Americas, a travel blog that focuses on sustainable travel in the Americas.

When I’m not learning about the latest online marketing trends or helping clients communicate effectively online, I enjoy taking time away from tech to travel and explore the outdoors. Having grown up in rural Maine, I’m most alive whenever I’m surrounded by fresh air and mountains. I’ve been on a perpetual quest to become fluent in Spanish ever since my first trip abroad brought my passion for Latin America to the surface. These days, my husband and I call the Philadelphia area home, and we love packing up our car and heading off on adventures with our dog in tow whenever we can.

I love sharing stories of sustainability and social good from around the world, and I specialize in the following regions and topics:

  • United States and Canada
  • New England
  • Pennsylvania
  • Latin America—especially Costa Rica, Guatemala, and other areas in Central America
  • Community development and poverty alleviation
  • Ecotourism and community-based tourism

I launched Naomi Liz Media this year so that I could take these skills I’ve developed and help busy entrepreneurs tell their stories more effectively through compelling content and a visually appealing online presence. I don’t just want to free up your time and alleviate stress—I’m passionate about helping you stand out online so you can grow your triple bottom line.

Because we need more companies like you that are doing good in the world.

Ready to start your next project?

Reach out today to schedule a 20-minute complimentary strategy call. I'd love to hear about your goals and how I can help!

Not a travel brand or destination but feeling the social impact vibe?

While my main focus is on the tourism industry, I love working with my clients in other industries as well. If you have a project in mind and want to see if we’d be a good fit, let’s chat.

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