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:::Organization Spotlight::: Lemonade International {Guatemala}

Guatemala and Lemonade International Guatemala is a country of stark contrasts and diversity. From the cool,View full post »


History for People Who Don’t Like History

Blech…History, Really? The more I learn history, the more I understand how deeply rooted many of ourView full post »


Highlights from Cuba {Journalist Alfredo Prieto}

As I mentioned in my first post about my recent trip to Cuba, I want to share a few thoughts from speakers thatView full post »


Cuba Highlights {Artist Saulo Serrano}

I just returned from Cuba (Cuba!), where I spent 10 days with a group of 8 other Americans traveling with WitnessView full post »


Cuba • Articles & Documentaries

Hey everyone! Thank you to everyone who has been following along for the last few months as I’ve preparedView full post »


How Should Christians Approach Immigration? {Immigration Series}

This topic. Oh, I could write and talk for ages about it. I decided to break it down into chunks because IView full post »