History for People Who Don’t Like History

Blech…History, Really? The more I learn history, the more I understand how deeply rooted many of ourView full post »


What I’m Learning + What I’m Into {February + March 2015}

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Book Review: Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner

I’ll be honest: I avoided reading Fluent Forever for quite a while. It sat on my shelf for months because while IView full post »


What I’m Learning + What I’m Into {January 2015}

On clearing clutter, listening to family lore, keeping a one sentence journal, and other fun things from January.View full post »


My 6 Favorite Books of 2014

Top 6 Books from 2014 #reading #resources #books #nonfiction www.naomiliz.comView full post »



I’ve had this word echoing in my mind for the last few weeks–selah. It’s a word that pops upView full post »

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