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Hey everyone! Thank you to everyone who has been following along for the last few months as I’ve preparedView full post »


8 Quotes to Inspire Your Creativity

If God is the ultimate Creative, and we are made in His image—then aren’t we all made to create? Aren’t weView full post »


Is the Internet a Forest Fire?

Fire is insanely powerful, right? We’re taught this from a young age, and animals know it instinctively.View full post »


What I’m Into {August 2014}

Hey all! Another month has gone by (oh summer, where did you go?) so I’m sharing my monthly roundup withView full post »


Book Review: Overrated by Eugene Cho

 I care about justice…At least, I care about the idea of justice. But what am I really doing about it? &View full post »


Why I Didn’t Want to Take the Ice Bucket Challenge

So…I finally got tagged in the Ice Bucket Challenge. It took awhile (in social media time), but it wasView full post »

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