What I’m Learning {March 2014}


Hey everyone! I was inspired by Emily at Chatting at the Sky to share some of the things I’ve learned, am still learning, or have been reminded of during this month. So this post is a little more laid back, a little random, and a little reflective, but I hope you’ll enjoy and maybe be inspired to think of the things you’ve been learning lately, too.

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5 Things I Learned in March #life #learning


1. When am I most fully alive?

I’ve been exploring this question and learning so much about myself and about God and faith and living bravely. There are those times when I feel like God is whispering to me, a gentle stirring in my soul over the course of a few weeks or months. And then there are times when I’ve got a whole jumbled mess of thoughts bouncing around in my head, I’m grasping for some kind of thread to pull them together, and it takes some sorting out and analyzing and questioning to figure out what to do with them. And then, there are times when I hear something crystal clear, resonating from all sides. Repeated, in different ways, but it’s all the same at the core. Exploring this question of what makes me feel fully alive has been so freeing to me over the past month. From reading A Million Little Ways* and exploring how we live and do art, to reading articles from Tsh Oxenreider and Jen Hatmaker…this is the message and theme and stirring in my life right now. It’s refreshing and exciting and terrifying. But it’s most definitely peaceful.


2. How to use Instagram.

Ummm…kind of. Does 4 photos in 2 weeks count? What if I used hash tags and they are pictures of a great book, my dog, a coffee cup, and baking a cake? Don’t judge me, internet. 


3. You must go to the store literally in the middle of the night if you want to avoid the “milk and bread” rush when a snow storm is impending.

Tragically, I did not do this.


4. Introverts and extroverts have a lot to learn from each other.

This month, I had a few opportunities to connect with old friends and meet new ones. A couple of quiet dinners with good friends and amazing conversation = soul food for this introvert’s heart. But going alone to a concert to volunteer at a child sponsorship table where I knew no other volunteers? Intimidating. Terrifying. One of those dreams where you are falling and falling went to school in your underwear.  I decided before I went that I was just going to talk to the other volunteers. We obviously had something in common, and I know the fact that I was passionate about it boosted my confidence. But I still had to decide to be brave. To not shrink back into my shell and say, “Why isn’t anyone talking to me?”

And you know what’s crazy? I woke up before I hit the ground or anyone saw me in my underwear. And I left the concert that night with a very full heart.

I’ve long believed that we were made for relationships, and while I relish alone time to read, journal, and drink my coffee, I also crave community (a deep, intense longing for authentic relationships). It’s important to find peace and feel comfortable with how we’re naturally wired–do we recharge by being with people, or by being alone?–and nurture this part of our personality. But, we all need healthy relationships with other people as well as with ourselves. So, my fellow introverts, we don’t *just* need alone time–we need community, too. And sometimes, we have to be brave to find that. And to my amazing extrovert friends, you don’t *just* need to connect with other people. You need to develop that intrapersonal relationship, too–embrace the quiet and seek rest.

5. That thing that’s been on your heart to do for months years?

That you haven’t “gotten around to”? It’s really good to just do it.



From the post: Celebrating Women {International Women’s Day}


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  • I am completely enamored with your opening image – absolutely stunning! I just joined Instragram as well and am really struggling to figure it out. You have me beat – I’ve only posted 3 photos!

  • I can identify with number 4 and just love the quote on number 5. Visiting today from the What I learned link-up. Happy weekend!

  • Thanks, Mindy! I loved stopping to actually take the time to reflect on the month (both the serious and the lighthearted). Have a wonderful weekend as well!

  • Thanks so much! I feel pretty late to the party as a photographer with Instagram, lol. But I’m not stressing about it. If I like it, I like it. We’ll see.
    What’s your handle? (ummm….is that what they call them?) I’ll follow you!

  • Love your photos. Get ready, Instagram is addictive.

  • As a photographer, you are the one we all want to see on Instagram – your photos will actually be good! I realize I don’t know the terminology either but “handle” sounds good. I’m KendraJernejcic.

  • Thanks, Garrett! Ha, that’s what I’m worried about!

  • I love #1, I have been exploring that question myself recently!

  • You seem like a total IG pro! And I love talking about personalities, and how God has designed us differently. I am an extreme extrovert learning to be okay with the quiet, alone times!

  • That’s awesome, Ashley. Have you read A Million Little Ways? I found it really helpful and it just sort of spoke to my soul on a deep level. Definitely recommend it if you haven’t already read it. 🙂

  • Haha, thanks for the encouragement. 🙂 For me, it’s a place to be a little more playful and laid back about my photos. Sometimes I go out shooting with my camera but don’t get around to editing and sharing my photographs because I’m such a perfectionist…but Instagram is just fun to share everyday stuff, and I don’t have to agonize over the details.
    And that’s awesome–I love all the introverts and the extroverts in my life (my husband happens to be a gregarious, lovable extrovert, so how can I not?), and I think it’s important to appreciate each other’s design and learn from each other.

  • I finished reading it last month, started it soon after it came out and just slowly poured over the pages. I agree, it was really deep and meaningful!!!

  • What a beautiful post Naomi!

    Many people think that because I blog, I must be an extrovert but I’m actually more of an introvert. I find being an introvert to be very challenging (especially in my Christian walk). God calls us to fellowship and minister to others… kind of hard to do when you find interpersonal relations to be physically draining. However, God’s grace is sufficient and He gives me the strength to do what I am called to do when I need to do it!

    Your photographs are lovely and I am so glad you stopped by from SITS girls, as I am always delighted to meet a new sister in Christ.

    Wishing you a blessed day!

  • Thanks so much, Jennifer! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping over here as well. It’s kind of funny what we assume about others based on personalities and writing online. So true what you said–it’s not as easy as “Just go talk to someone” to build fellowship and minister. It’s challenging but, yes, we all have unique gifts in God’s kingdom and He will give us the strength we need. {His strength is made perfect in our weakness.}

  • mamaabby

    Your blog is beautiful!! I’m so glad to return your visit…and I love your humor and just artistic flare AND you are learning great things!!

  • Thanks so much, Abby! Glad you enjoyed it and had a moment to stop by!