I’ve had this word echoing in my mind for the last few weeks–selah. It’s a word that pops up in the psalms to remind the reader to stop and meditate on what they’ve just read. It’s probably for all those task-oriented, must finish reading so I can check this off my list, type of people reading the psalms. The ones who think their work is complete if they’ve finished a task. You know, all those people.

Selah is reminding us, “Hey! Slow down. Stay here for a bit, meditate on these words.”

Pause and reflect.

So often, I rush through my day, and I fill every space with something–reading articles online, listening to podcasts while I’m doing chores, reading books (and not being satisfied until I’ve finished), checking my phone while I’m standing in line, chatting on social media while eating lunch, listening to music in the car.

And while these things aren’t necessarily bad, I find that my soul deeply yearns for some quiet, reflection, balance, and peace, especially at this time of year. I long for it always, but perhaps it’s the hibernation of the winter months, the slowing down of outdoor activity, that reminds me of the speed at which I’m living. While nature is quieting itself, people are busying themselves with all the trimmings of the holidays. But this yearning in my soul remains, and it reminds me that I need to create space in my life and my mind for selah.

Here are a few things I’ve been learning as I’ve found a bit of quiet in the nooks and crannies of my day during the last few weeks:
-Look for the blessings God gives me every day–discover and recognize them, because they’re already all around me in everyday life. I started writing them down as I am going through a Bible study with a group of girls. Not every day, but some days–but even this small act has made me more reflective.
-Do the dishes or ride in the car in silence sometimes–I don’t always need music, a podcast, or an audio book. Maybe it’s a time to pray, or just think, but these little spaces of time are a great time to clear my mind because I can’t really do anything else while I’m doing these things.



God has continued to whisper this call to slow down–selah–and I know I have much more to learn from it if I continue to listen. Can you relate? If your life feels chaotic and noisy, do you sometimes feel a pull towards quiet reflection? What are some ways that you create space or find balance?

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