Mission and Values


Humanitarian Photography

My mission is to connect potential supporters to the impact of a non-profit’s work by communicating stories of hope and transformation in the midst of need.



My mission is to tell human stories that connect, inform, and challenge readers to live differently and love more fully in light of our shared humanity.


Core Values

  1. Cultivate creativity.
    Creativity is fundamental to who we are as humans, made in the image of a creative God. It’s a gift that can bring healing on an individual and societal level, and I believe it is a deeply spiritual act when we express it. 
  2. Travel to learn, meet people, and support local communities.
    I believe that it is the people who make a place unique–not its beautiful landscapes, unfamiliar flavors, or historic landmarks. Travel is a vehicle for connection and learning, and I want to engage on a deep level with local communities and support organizations that empower people and steward their environment.
  3. Love God and serve others.
  4. Pursue justice.
  5. Teach and share freely.
    I want to operate out of an abundance mentality, not scarcity–there is enough knowledge and creativity to go around. I’ve learned so much from people who have generously shared their knowledge, and I want to do the same for others in the creative community.
  6. Tell stories with respect, dignity, and honesty.
    Treat the stories and portraits I share with the same respect that I would want to be treated with. Seek to build relationships with the people whose stories I tell, and don’t exaggerate need to make people more sympathetic to their story. 
  7. Seek out relationships with people who are different from me.
  8. Own my mistakes and take action to resolve them.
  9. Do what I say I will do.