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I had the best of intentions of checking in with a quick update last month, and the month quickly slipped away. So here’s my mid-challenge update and some reflections on this style of learning as well as how I’m doing with this habit.

June was great! I started off strong, as I tend to do whenever I’m excited about a project. I didn’t miss a day of practice, and I had a couple of sessions of adding a lot of new words to Anki (the software/app that I’m using). July stayed pretty steady but began to taper off, and then vacation came at the end of July and completely threw me off my game. Vacation is the hardest time to maintain our habits, isn’t it?

So, in complete transparency, I’m sitting here at the beginning of August, and I haven’t practiced any Spanish for a couple of weeks.  This morning, I picked my phone back up and went through all the words that had backed up because I hadn’t been practicing. It wasn’t that bad. Why is it that I keep avoiding something if I feel bad about not having done it in awhile?

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In addition to practicing vocabulary words, I have listened to a couple of things in Spanish:

  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe—I’m in chapter 1. It’s been slow-going, but it’s also a great source for new vocabulary. I start by listening to a chapter to practice comprehension skills, and then I go back tp listen and read the story at the same time (I have a copy of the physical book as well). I can understand a lot of the audio book, but when I sit down to read, I pick up on a lot of individual words I don’t know.
  • News in Slow Spanish Latino (podcast/news)—I just listen to the free portion, but even that is excellent. It’s a little snippet that I can listen to on my way to work and get a little practice in. Plus, it’s really interesting to me because I like to follow the news in Latin America. Picking interesting resources is one of the most important things in language learning.

I have a couple of weeks left in the “official” fluent forever challenge, so I’m getting back on board with at least some kind of daily practice. I’ll be back in early September to check in again!

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Do you struggle with keeping habits on vacation? What are your best practices for overcoming this obstacle? Is there anything you’ve been avoiding because you haven’t done it in awhile and you feel guilty?


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