8 Quotes to Inspire Your Creativity


If God is the ultimate Creative, and we are made in His image—then aren’t we all made to create? Aren’t we all creative beings, with something deep inside us, longing to express itself in some creative way? And, doesn’t it bring glory and worship to God when we express that—when we are most fully ourselves?

You are creative. Yes, you.

Why You Are an Artist {On Creativity}


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Earlier this year, I read a beautiful book called A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman. She wrote about creativity and art and the real, gritty truth of living them out in our lives. Her words were uplifting, refreshing, and encouraging, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite quotes from throughout the book. Enjoy, be inspired, and perhaps check out her book if you’re interested in exploring this topic further. 


1. “The world needs to you come alive right where you are and not where you wish you were.”

2. “I don’t believe there is one great thing I was made to do in this world. I believe there is one great God I was made to glorify. And there will be many ways, even a million little ways, I will declare his glory with my life.”

3. “There will be critics. And they will be loud…How we handle our critics could be the difference between creating art that matters and allowing the art to die…Some critics will want to kill your art, while others are honestly trying to help you make it better…No matter if a critic intends to be hurtful or helpful, I’ve found in my own life that I have to handle all types of criticism in the same way: remember who I am, remember who God is, and remember not to take my work too seriously.”

4. “Art coming from honest hands shows us beauty, stirs up longing, and touches us deeply.”

5. “Even in the things we know we are called to, there will be times when we feel as if we aren’t cut out for them.”

6. “What if we approached the critic, our jobs, the kids at our table with the same wonder and anticipation an artist has when she approaches the canvas? …Would we begin to see ourselves as wildly free to approach it all with a wide-eyed wonder, with an edge-of-your-seat breath, with an expectation that any minute God will show himself in a way we have not yet seen?”

7. “Fear doesn’t go away just because you’re doing the thing that you love.”

8. “When we see something that delights us, in art or in life, it is usually a result of the consistent, sacrificial, nonromantic effort of an artist…A daily commitment to showing up…One masterpiece is the work of ten thousand rough drafts. Every moment isn’t packed with delight, inspiration, and hope. The dark days are heavy and they should be. You carry something living inside you. There will be pain to get it out.

Do any of these strike a chord with you? What do you find to be most challenging about creating art? When do you feel most creative? What do you do when you don’t feel creativity?


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  • I’ve been feeling so much creativity lately. And I simply loved A Million Little Ways. I read it earlier this year and I think I need to reread it forever and ever. I loved it so much! Thanks for curating these quotes. They really spoke again to me today!

  • That is awesome, Gina! And I totally hear you about re-reading it…I loved going through all of the many things I highlighted to pull out these quotes. I’m so glad they spoke to you! 🙂

  • beautiful Naomi! Thanks so much for sharing, I totally needed the inspiration today!

  • You’re welcome, Emma! I’m so glad you were inspired–many of these are things I need frequent reminding of! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  • I love “Fear doesn’t go away just because you’re doing the thing that you love.” My thoughts are if the fear begins to go away before I do a presentation or start something new that I’ve become complacent.

  • Yes–such an important reminder for me, always. And that is a great thought that you shared! It’s so important to push ourselves and be willing to take risks. I think it was Nelson Mandela that said: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” So good!

    Thanks for stopping by, Sheryl!

  • Love these quotes! It is comforting to know that all artists have doubts and fears and “heavy, dark days.” What a great reminder to keep pursuing creative aspirations and not give up. Tweeting!

  • These are so great! Thank you for sharing!

  • Yes, Nicki–I couldn’t agree more. It can be hard because all we see others put out are their finished products, and we see everything behind the scenes in our own lives. I’m glad you were encouraged, and thanks so much for sharing!

  • You’re welcome, Stacia! I’m glad you enjoyed them, and thanks for stopping in!

  • Hi Naomi! What a stunning photograph. Such detail! And the words from Emily’s book are so powerful! I really love the first two quotes as they are such a great reminder that artist or not it is an audience of one that we should be focusing our attention to. Thanks for joining in on the Jack of All Trades link up today! Hope you have a blessed week!

  • i just got the kindle book during the sale – i’m pretty excited because it’s been on my to-read list for a while! i like that she says to not take your work too seriously – usually that’s a sign i’m making it more about myself than about God!

  • Hi Bree, thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed these quote. I totally agree and I need that reminder often in this noisy world. Thanks for stopping by!

  • That’s great that you were able to pick it up at that price! I started off the year with this one and definitely needed it at that time. Hope you enjoy it!

  • I have that book on my list on Amazon! I’m hoping to get it soon! These quotes are good, the first one is my (current) favorite.

  • I read this book also and LOVED it! After reading the quotes you shared, I am wondering if it is not a book to read once a year! i visited from The SITS this morning. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • I agree! I read this at the beginning of the year, and I think it was just what I needed to start my year off. Even just skimming through my highlighting for these quotes was great!